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Crystals: Crystal Healing Can Complement Your Health & Wellness Practices

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to help balance energy and help restore a sense of wellness. Although crystal healing and other Eastern healing techniques were once thought of as “alternative,” it would be more accurate to consider these ancient art forms as “complementary.” Rooted in science, Western medicine and practices can prove effective solutions, but connecting with natural Earth energies offers harmony. When integrated into your lifestyle, crystals can positively affect how you feel and negotiate the world.

What is Crystal Healing?

It’s important to understand that the energy in our bodies ebbs and flows due to physical and emotional influences in our daily lives. A string of positive events in our lives leaves us glowing with positive energy. The opposite also tends to hold true. Perceived setbacks, difficulty in our interpersonal relationships, and other things that leave us filled with stress and anxiety can cause our health and wellness to wane.

By contrast, crystals are billions of years old and possess consistent energy that we can access. Crystal healing, also known as crystal therapy, is the process of channeling the electric charge that persists in seemingly inanimate materials. Each type of crystal has a unique tone that can help balance the electromagnetic frequency in our body.

Crystal healing therapy may involve placing specific gemstones on the body while in a relaxed state. Wearing bracelets or necklaces allows us to make contact on an ongoing basis. And simply keeping select crystals in our live-work spaces influences the energy field. The right crystal, or combination, essentially helps us reground ourselves and feel connected.

What are the Benefits of Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing practices have been traced back 10,000 years, and Leonardo de Vinci is said to have kept Amethyst on his desk to enhance his cognitive abilities. Given his success in that area, it may be worthwhile to interact with the absorbed energy in crystals to re-channel and unblock our biofield when it becomes stuck.

Unlike some other wellness practices, crystal healing therapies tend to be highly specific. Gemstones absorb different frequencies that have a particular influence on our biorhythms. These are considered common benefits specific to widely used crystals.

  • Amethyst: Its properties are associated with reducing stress, sadness and easing grief. Amethyst is also used to enhance meditation while helping to energize the mind, and heal the body and soul.
  • Jade: Associated with longevity, purity, fertility, wisdom, and peace, Jade has been recognized for its healing properties for centuries.
  • Citrine: Linked to improved prosperity, creativity, digestion, and confidence, Citrine remains a favored crystal of entrepreneurs and creative people.
  • Clear Quartz: Considered the energetic bridge between our conscious and unconscious minds, Clear Quartz helps revitalize and balance internal strength.
  • Rose Quartz: Believed to support love, friendship, and fertility, Rose is widely employed to help reroute negative energy and help people embrace trust and forgiveness.  
  • Turquoise: Supporting protection, balance, wisdom, and purification, Turquoise helps repel the wide-reaching pollutants in our environment and support a healthy immune system.

Integrating crystals into healing therapies or everyday life calls for selecting stones that connect with your unique energy. It’s not uncommon for people to spend time experiencing a crystal and selecting them based on innate feelings. If you are interested in crystal healing or would like more information about including them in your lifestyle, contact Moon River Wellness Center in Pelham, NH, today. Watch our site for upcoming classes on working with crystals. You can find the upcoming events by clicking HERE

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