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An intuitive reader does not need to interpret the information they are given. Instead, these individuals simply “know” certain things that have happened or that could happen. Someone who is intuitive is especially sensitive to something we all have – our intuition, or that little voice inside our head. An intuitive has likely always been extra sensitive and tuned in to that voice and can now use it to benefit others.


At Moon River Wellness, we provide mediumship, psychic, and intuitive readings. Perhaps you’ve often wondered, “What is the difference between a medium, a psychic or an intuitive?”  The difference is significant, so we are glad you asked!


Mediumship is the ability to connect with spirits in the afterlife.  Mediums act as a “conduit” between this life and the beyond.  Often you will hear Mediums refer to this as “Connecting with Spirit”.


Psychic Medium Reading

Mediums and Psychics are different; but sitting for either type of reading can be fun and fulfilling, cathartic and often very enjoyable.

A Psychic isn’t necessarily a Medium though often Mediums are Psychic. They rely on their basic sense of intuition and psychic ability to gather information for the person being read. In a psychic reading, we often use Tarot or divination cards to help illustrate and articulate the messages for the client.

Readers at MoonRiver

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Medium & Psychic Intuitive Reading with Cheryl Bradley

Cheryl was born a medium and feels most blessed when spirit channels messages of love, guidance, and above all acknowledgment that we do not walk alone in this lifetime. Cheryl is asking appointments on the 1st Tuesday evening of every month.

With Cheryl Bradley

$ 60

30 Min

With Cheryl Bradley

$ 85

45 Min

Medium & Psychic Intuitive Reading with Tina Owens

With the use of Tarot, Mediumship and Intuitive readings, come hear what messages lie waiting for you. You can book with Tina on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays.


with Tina Owens

$ 65

30 Min

with Tina Owens

$ 110

60 Min


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