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About Yoga

The practice of Yoga is an ancient discipline that has become an important part of today’s daily life to combat stress, build strength joint, tone the body, improve balance, quiet the mind and recharge our souls.  At Moon River Wellness Center our Yoga Studio was created as a focal point for those looking to incorporate yoga into their daily life.  We have brought together experienced yoga instructor to introduce this practice to the beginner, guide the intermediate to challenge themselves and be a source for the experience to expand their abilities.

We have taken precautions to ensure that your health and safety are at the forefront of our studio.  We have a variety of props for you to use to help you get into postures. We have provided washable covers for any of our bolsters and an abundance of sanitizer to clean your mat or any mat and block you have borrowed.  We wipe down our floor after every class to give you a clean slate for your practice. Our radiant heated floors brings comfort to the muscles to move into postures with assisted ease. And we are open and welcoming to suggestions to help your get the most out of your visit to Moon River Wellness Center.

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Yoga Pricing

Try Us Out Package

$ 49
  • 1 time use only

5 Class Yoga Package

$ 89

$4.20 savings per class

10 Class Yoga Package

$ 165

$5.50 savings per class

Monthly Unlimited

$ 99
  • Auto Renew Contract

Drop In Yoga Class

$ 22
  • Single Visit
  • _
  • _

Student Yoga Drop In

$ 12
  • Must present a student ID
  • Please call to Book your Mat
  • _

1-Month No Auto-Renew

$ 119
  • Great for college students!
  • Unlimited visits in the month
  • No contract or auto renew

1-Year Pre Paid Membership

$ 999
  • One time payment
  • Yearly auto renew
  • _

What to Expect at Moon River Yoga Class

Frequently Asked Questions

No Problem. Just let your instructor know at the beginning of class. They will guide you along and show you alternate ways to do poses.

No, Walk-ins are now welcome, You do not have to sign up in advance. If you decide you can make it at the spur of the moment (or wake up feeling energized) then head over to class.

We recommend if you are unsure please check with your doctor before starting any physical routine.

Savasana is a quiet, meditative end pose usually done at the end of any yoga practice. If you fall asleep (or snore) the teacher will bring you back their voice. Many people have fallen asleep, that’s ok. Sometimes that is the pose you need, even if it’s for the whole hour.

Don’t try to do what anyone else is doing. Yoga is an individual practice. It’s not a competition. The teacher will show the pose, explain how to get into it and also show modifications. This is the time to listen to your body. This is your practice, and it’s called a practice for a reason. Enjoy it safely and with confidence.

You must bring your own mat. We also recommend a water bottle (hydration is important – always). We encourage you to bring blocks (we sell them if you do not own them) and a strap or belt to assist in stretching. Optionally, you can bring a pillow or bolster to help support you in some postures, a blanket which can be used for support and as a covering in Savasana.


● Students should arrive at least 5 minutes before class. Teachers lock the door and start their classes promptly with a centering meditation. If you arrive after class starts, you may not be able to enter the class.

● Please bring your own Mat, Blocks, Blankets & Straps. If you do not have these we have most items for sale at the store.

● If you forget any of these, you are welcome to borrow ours. All we ask in return is for you to fully sanitize any items after use and return them to where they were.

● Bolsters are there for your use, but must be covered with a pillow case, always. Laundered pillow cases are provided and there is a laundry bin in the supply closet for used pillow cases.

● Please respect the supply closet and put things away after borrowing them.

● If you are feeling ill of any sort, please reschedule your class.


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